Truly sustainable manufacturing means creating products using economically-sound processes that minimize environmental impact, conserving energy and the very natural resources from which they are built. At VidaLuz, sustainable business also means cultivation – constructing a network of companies across multiple sectors that are the cornerstone of our modular construction.  

We approach building unconventionally, applying high-tech prefabrication techniques to modular design. Craftsmanship is brought to life with computer-controlled precision tools, ensuring the highest quality insulation, windows, doors, and plumbing are warehouse installed, unaffected by weather or other outside variables. Customers can be assured of consistency, longevity and value when building with VidaLuz components. 

10 Modular Advantages 

1. Modular homes are considered a form of "green building" and VidaLuz applies sustainability standards throughout the supply chain without sacrificing quality.

2. Production is efficient in myriad ways within our closed, quality-controlled facilities.

3. Precision engineered machinery works in tandem with computer-generated design, resulting in uniform products.

4. VidaLuz modules are engineered for accuracy, speeding up production and delivery time. 

5. By reducing waste and streamlining processes, material costs can be predicted better. 

6. We achieve standardized quality by guaranteeing consistent high-quality craftsmanship and removing all inefficiencies associated with a traditional build method.

7. Modular manufacturing is limitless and customizable, meaning we can help achieve design and functional dreams. 

8. Off-site construction means we can reduce disruption to the community around the build site. 

9. Materials are stored internally, protecting it from pretreatment, thus extending its life.

10. Our modules are sold at a fixed price.