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Modern Building



For residents and visitors, sustainability in a VidaLuz Micro City is assumed and easy, with measures woven seamlessly into everyday activities. As a result, our communities are obtainable, and they thrive with people seeking a green lifestyle and personalized, experiential choice. But our vision does not stop there. 

VidaLuz communities are designed to inspire developers to create environments that integrate elements that are essential to our future. We are committed to being economically responsible with financial resources while setting new precedents in the supply chain, affecting broad change. Being genuinely sustainable means sourcing materials responsibly, approaching design differently and building infrastructure that is fundamental to empowering community members to collaborate quite literally in their own back yard. 

Full integration is vital. Our cities thrive with responsible amenities as a centerpiece of urban living. Communities come together over Fork-in-Farm dining, and in retail and small business incubator spaces. Shared greenhouses and local artisan-driven marketplaces build hyperlocal revenue and resources, made stronger through collaborative composting and high-level recycling programs. 

Agriculture teems with life, built around intentional pollinator planting and beehives, edible landscaping, and transparent vertical grows. And energy is a celebrated resource built around solar utility grids and water turbine production, while offering transportation share platforms, solar walkways, rain and gray water harvesting, and efficient treatment facilities. 


The energy at a VidaLuz property will be felt the moment someone sets foot inside.


That footstep, though, is all that is left behind.

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