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We believe hospitality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Each VidaLuz hotel is designed around the natural and cultural ecology that exist around it. In doing so, we create sustainable economies through an inclusive approach to agriculture and sourcing, making local participation a priority in every community we operate. 


Guests experience truly holistic wellness at every step of their journey, never sacrificing personalized service. We curate experiences that are both unique and intimate, striking authentic, emotional responses that endure over time.

Each VidaLuz boutique hotel offers a center for wellness where guests are invited to explore resources related to healing, relaxation, and self-care. Experiential modalities include immersive yoga, acupuncture, reiki, Ayurvedic healing, herbalism, and meditation, adding focus and intention to experiential tourism. 

At VidaLuz we seek to offer a most authentic sense of place to all who visit. Central to that mission is nutrition – key to uncovering the joy found in travel. We invest in local agriculture, assembling networks of producers, managed on-site vertical grow and aquaponics programs to develop culinary programs fueled by the natural world around each hotel.

We take pride in educating guests, elevating their awareness and understanding of local culture. Guided excursions and on-site experiences introduce visitors to the natural landscape and the people who call it home. Integrating our work to the benefit of the local community provides immense opportunity to connect and collaborate, and it means that no two VidaLuz hotels will ever be the same. 

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