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Our mission is to create the greatest properties on the planet where truly sustainable coexistence is a reality. We build environments where residents live effortlessly, in harmony with their surroundings, and are committed to reframing “sustainable development” as a business – recognizing the need for viability and profitability in our investment approach. VidaLuz developments are grounded in long-term sourcing practices and new energy efficiency standards, guided by an urgent need to radically improve quality of life for residents and guests.


A group of influential, dynamic innovators, we see a unique opportunity to build a world with different results. Driven by data, financial and performance models, the team at VidaLuz exists to bridge commercial profits with designs that integrate conscious, holistic lifestyles. Our leaders have spent over 20 years contributing to the progressive transformation of hospitality companies, residential and commercial developments, and sustainable building materials. Together at VidaLuz, we will disrupt these industries, actualizing substantial change while deriving unprecedented, long term profitability for investors. 

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