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We exist to create a ripple of change, disrupting the conventional, consumptive approach to community building by forging obtainable pathways to holistic, real preservation of natural resources. 


Our work in agriculture, hospitality, development, and manufacturing is a response to the urgent need for sustainable, systemic change. We are guided by the belief that we have an inherent duty to be responsible stewards of the lands we develop, always focused on the long-term viability of both the environment impacted and the people involved. 


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Life in a VidaLuz Micro City hums with efficiency. Our master infrastructure approach to development means low cost implementation for city planners. We build intentionally around agriculture within the urban environment to create self-sufficiency. And for residents and visitors, sustainability is assumed and easy, with measures woven seamlessly into everyday activities. As a result, our communities are obtainable, and they thrive with people seeking a green lifestyle and personalized, experiential choice. 


Our hotel concepts are designed to align contemporary hospitality with the natural world. Guests experience true holistic wellness during their stay, with service that anticipates their needs and amenities that illuminate local culture and cuisine. Our hotels create sustainable economies through an inclusive approach to agriculture and sourcing, making local participation a priority in every community we operate.


Substantial change in development can be achieved through a visionary, systemic change in manufacturing. At VidaLuz we cultivate sustainable materials from which we are able to build in both economically and environmentally sound ways.

For a closer look at our vision, request access to our concept deck. 

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